What you can expect from counselling

The time you will spend in counselling regardless of what it is you are experiencing, you will be greeted warmly and you will be made to feel at ease as this is hugely important for anyone that enters counselling.

Which office you choose, you will feel able to sit and talk freely without any judgments. The space provided will be both confidential and safe allowing you to feel relaxed and at ease.

We will work through what is happening and going on for you working out the best way forward.

The Southampton office is located in the central part of Southampton, on the edge of Oxford Street. This can be easily accessed by those of you living in the surrounding areas, i.e. bitterne, Swathling, Portswood, Eastleigh, Fareham, Shirley, Millbrook, Totton and Marchwood. You can get to this office easily by train bus or car where ever it is you live.

The Romsey office is in Willow Romsey and can be easily accessed by those in the surrounding areas Salisbury. The office is held on a farm where you can sit either indoors or outdoors depending on the whether.