The time I spent with Nichola allowed me to understand myself better, as well as how to cope with my traumas. And how this reflects on my everyday life. I cannot express how much partaking in therapy has changed me as a person, I would recommend it to everyone.

Anonymous client

Nichola always made me feel comfortable during my sessions, I never felt like I disagreed with anything that she said. She helped me to understand my anxiety and the reason I struggled with it as well as the ways to relieve it . After seeing Nichola I feel like I have grown so much as she has taught me to believe in myself and given me the tools to continue to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Nichola to both my family and my friends

Client E.R

Nichola is awsome :). i didnt want to leave once I came. she has lots of toys to play with and personally i came home with 6 of you can tell I was a briliant client

Client J.R

Nichola has been a godsend for us the changes in J.R have been amazing – he is so much more confident and has addressed most of his phobias in a way that as changed all of our lives

Parent S.R

I could not have asked for a better Counsellor to work with. I felt instantly at ease with Nichola and I actually looked forward to going to sessions after the initial first meeting. She has a unique way of helping you see and guide you through your issues. A really kindhearted authentic lady who really has helped change my mindset and ultimately my life for the better.

Client K.W

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