Here is a little about me

I am a very hard working counsellor, who is very passionate in helping people like yourselves get the right help that suits you as an individual. I have years of teachings to make me a counsellor; however, my biggest teaching is life experience. This has given me a natural and authentic ability to be able walk along side you on your journey. Having a true understanding of what you are facing.

I have a DipHe in Humanistic Gestalt Counselling. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and person centered, which really just means I can adapt to my way of working depending on what it is you are facing. Pulling on my resources to help you in the way that best suits you as everyone is different with unique curcamstances to them.

I have a warm presence, enabling you to feel comfortable, enabling you to feel relaxed and talk freely without any judgment.

I aim to make your experience of counselling an experience that you will look back on feeling it was the best thing you that you did. Taking away any presumptions or preconceptions of what you may have once thought about counselling.

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